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Oratix, powered by hight.io, provides expert ERP business consultancy services to transform your business into integrated streamlined processes.

Our top team of expert business consultants adds the deep dive process analysis, reengineering, improvement and change management insights along with the skills to  optimise your ERP processes. With a core international team of Oracle JD Edwards senior experts, in a wide variety of industries and domains, we can help you do more.

With modern ‘best of breed’ application landscapes we can also provide the expert architects to design flawless process interoperability, built with state-of-the-art technology and protocols.

Functional Domains

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Technical domains

Our experts are here to help

With decades of experience combined with industry best practices and the latest technological expertise, we understand the challenges of today’s business automation, integration and improvement processes.

In our experience, digital transformation is best achieved by implementing streamlined processes that are embraced by business process owners.

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Functional Domains

Our team consists mainly of senior experts in a wide variety of functional domains. With vast international consulting expertise in a variety of industries, we bring numerous best practices to the table to help you get the most out of your ERP processes. 

We cover Finance and all its subdomains, Sales & Distribution, Procurement and Supply Chain, Manufacturing in all its varieties, and many more. 

Contact us today to organise an initial exchange between you and our experts to discuss your current challenges and/or future projects.

Architect & Technical Domains

As well as providing the business expertise required to make your processes run in a smooth and integrated way, we have a team of highly experienced technical developers and architects to enhance the functionality of your ERP systems. 

Our technical team has built complementary tools and platforms like OrchestratorBot, Swiftfin, JDOX & Reducr and are also available to bring their vast levels of expertise to your organization. They are at the edge of the latest evolutions using enterprise grade technology, integrating with just about any platform out there. We have built integrations with Salesforce, Outlook, Whatsapp, Teams and dozens more.  We have the ability and expertise to seamlessly and efficiently enable any computer system or platform to talk to any other.



Our consultants have worked in a wide variety of industries. Visit our customer stories to know more.

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